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The best way you can contribute to the tnz2 project is by programming. Checkout the tnz2 SVN repository on sourceforge and start studying/playing with the code.

TNZ2 is written in Python, which means far less code then there would be if the game was written in C++.

We use the famous Ogre3D engine to do all our rendering, which mean even less code and better performance. This is also a plus because developers experienced in ogre can easily join the project, and those that aren't, can also learn using the engine through tnz2 hacking.


Wiki and forum:


We need people to contribute ideas and comment existing ones. The best way to do that is through the forum, so hop on there, register and start spammin' :)

It is important for the success of the project to document everything, especially technical detail and source code structure. The best way to do that would be through the Wiki. So, we need wiki writers/volunteers :)




When a release is made, and we plan to release alpha/beta versions often, we need people to play the game, and find bugs, comment existing features etc. Please submit bugs through the Sourceforge tracker system.

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