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TNZ is a small 2D arcade shooter game.Play modes include singleplayer (player against bots), hot seat (two player on one computer) and multiplayer over TCP/IP.

You can choose between about a dozen ships and choose your phaser colour. There are no differences between ships except in their apperance.

On the battlefield, you can pick up various powerups which can give you an advantage for a small period of time.




Star Trek: The Neutral Zone wasn’t really supposed to be an actual game, but a small program I made to learn multiplayer programming because I’ve never developed multiplayer games before and it was needed for one of our projects, a turn based strategy “the Kings of the Dark Age”. Since I like Star Trek ( I like it, but I’m not a fanatic :) ) I decided to make a small game with a few ships flying around, and with that I tested how it all worked on two computers. Heh, and then I painfully discovered that multiplayer programming is more difficult then I originally thought :). Anyway, as I was developing the network communication system, I added a few more features, phasers and torpedoes etc. One day I took the game to school to show my friends, and they liked it. And one thing led to another and before you know it, a full game was developed. I put the project on the internet, and it got into several Croatian computer magazines etc. That game was finished in February 2004.

Star Trek: The Neutral Zone DVD Box:


Some time after the game was finished, i made a dvd box for fun, here are some photos :)



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